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da•ta jour•nal•ism |ˈdatə; ˈdātə||ˈjərnlˌizəm|

journalism which uses publicly-available data as a basis for reporting. It is also sometimes called ‘data-driven journalism’.

Journalists have tried for years to turn often complicated information into comprehensible news articles, graphs, or timelines. Some succeeded more than others.

What makes a difference today is the technology and design skills involved. After the recent Wikileaks scandals and the raise of “open knowledge”, journalists have to acquire new skills to keep up with the trend and data journalism is often considered as an essential tool for the future of news.

Whether you are a journalist, a designer or simply a data lover, the Data Journalism Blog brings you the latest news on data driven journalism with reviews, how-to guides, interviews and news features.

The DJB is also a platform where people are part of a community, where they can meet and create together around diverse data forums and groups.

It was created in April 2011 by multimedia and data journalist Marianne Bouchart.


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  1. 04 November 11, 12:34pm

    […] Data Journalism Blog The Data Journalism Blog isn’t specifically attached to any one news organization but instead acts more as an overall resource for data journalists. The site, led by multimedia journalist Marianne Bouchart, not only displays examples of great graphics, but it also provides how-tos, guides, and interviews with other data journalists. If you’re looking for a new concept to try out or where the next data journalism seminar will be held, I’d recommend visiting this blog. Don’t forget to check back on Monday for Part 2: 6 Data Journalism Blogs To Bookmark. […]

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