David Herzog is an associate Professor at Missouri School of Journalism. He also serves as the academic adviser to the National Institute for Computer-Assisted Reporting (NICAR), a joint program of the Missouri School of Journalism and Investigative Reporters and Editors, Inc., a global association of journalists.

He recently gave a presentation about new online tools for data journalism and we thought it would be nice to publish the slides on the DJB and to get your opinion.

Here is how Herzog introduced his presentation on his blog back in June 2011:

“I started putting together a slideshow about free data journalism web tools for a group of visiting television and newspaper reporters from South Korea.The number of free Web 2.0 tools is booming and continues to change as new services appear and others die. Remember Swivel, the data visualization service? Used by The Huffington Post, Cleveland Plain Dealer and The Baltimore Sun? Gone. So proceed with caution when using any of these tools. Make sure you keep an original copy of your data.

As you can see in my presentation, there are Web 2.0 tools for every stage of the data game: obtaining, cleaning, analyzing and visualizing.”