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A useful video for data journalism students

  A short post this time, but I just wanted to share a video that I have  found particularly useful with you. It’s from the BBC’s College of Journalism website, and is a recording...

A Case for Open Data in Transit [VIDEO]

  STREET FILMS – by Elizabeth Press Ever find yourself waiting for the next bus, not knowing when it will arrive? Think it would be great if you could check a subway countdown clock from the...

The Marathon Route’s Evolving Neighborhoods

THE NEW YORK TIMES – By  GRAHAM ROBERTS, ALAN McLEAN, ARCHIE TSE, LISA WAANANEN, TIMOTHY WALLACE, XAQUIN G.V., JOE BURGESS and JOE WARD The New York City Marathon course has changed little since it first...

SVT launch Guardian inspired data blog

DATAIST – By Jens Finnäs On Thursday the Swedish public broadcaster SVT launched a new exciting platform called SVT Pejl. It describes itself as a news blog producing journalism based on stats, facts and numbers. “Our...

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