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Many Eyes

Simple infographic and visualisation tools

We’re all acquainted with the perks and limitations of using Google Fusion, Tableau, Many Eyes and Open Street Map but I was wondering what other visualisation and infographic tools are readily accessible and available...

How to do a good visualisation and why it’s important

Visualisations are an important tool when presenting data, and can be used to show patterns, correlations and the ‘big picture’. Ben Fry has said that visualisations ‘answer questions in a meaningful way that makes...

The Royal Wedding: An experiment in data journalism

WANNABE HACKS: by Matthew Caines UPDATE: After having a stab at data journalism today, my first ever piece has since been featured on the MANY EYES homepage. Not too bad for first-timer… Seeing as today is...

10 things every journalist should know about data

NEWS:REWIRED: by SARAH MARSHALL Every journalist needs to know about data. It is not just the preserve of the investigative journalist but can – and should – be used by reporters writing for local papers,...