04 May 2015


Hint hint… Do I hear a relaunch is in the works?.. Yes Indeed. A new, fresher, bolder and savvier DJB will go live soon alongside exciting new projects.  We thought it was about time to redecorate the place and give it a good upgrade.

The support we’ve had since the launch of the DJB in 2011 has been phenomenal. Even at times when new content wasn’t published frequently, the number of visitors and followers kept on growing. 2015 is a great and exciting year for journalism and the thirst for innovation in the newsroom has never been greater. So we’ve seriously thought about things and decided it was time to take action and relaunch the Data Journalism Blog. 

The new DJB will be bolder, savvier, smarter, and packed with new reviews, how-to guides and interviews about data journalism and innovative story telling for the web. We have exciting projects coming up, including our own compelling data journalism content and collaborations.

The great relaunch will happen in the next few weeks and we look forward to tell you more about it soon, but in the meantime here is a glimpse at our brand new logo…


[Watch this space]