The XCity Award was set up in 2011 to mark the 25th anniversary of XCity magazine, a publication made by postgraduate students in Magazine Journalism from City University, London. It aims at recognising “outstanding contributions to journalism made in the past year by alumni.”

Simon Rogers, editor of The Guardian’s Data Blog won the inaugural prize last year and one of this year’s shortlisted alumni is…well, myself! (Data Journalism Blog editor Marianne Bouchart)

I had a lovely chat with Natasha Wynarczyk about my work for the Data Journalism Blog and a profile was published on the XCity website today. Other nominees include Wannabe Hacks founder Ben Whitelaw and Ramita Navai, who reported on human rights abuses in Syria. Compelling stories about the six nominees as well as further information on the award can be found on their website.

Here is the link to my story and let’s keep our fingers crossed until 22 March when the winner of the £500 prize will be announced on their website.