Brian Boyer, news applications editor at the Chicago Tribune, describes PANDA in a video by Jon Vidar.

Earlier this month PANDA, which helps news organizations better use public information by creating new software that cleans up and helps analyze it, went beta.

Users can now test PANDA Project Alpha and give feedback on how it’s doing.

Above, Brian Boyer describes the project’s latest developments.

Boyer is news applications editor at the Chicago Tribune, where he was the 2010 employee of the year. [Read more…]


  1. gcbenison says:

    In any sort of shared remote epository, I think authenticity and provenance become concerns. People often feel (whether it's justified or not) that the files on their personal computer are safer from tampering or misattribution. git — the source code revision management system — addresses these concerns brilliantly through its sha1 signing. How does PANDA track (and prove) the origin and evolution of its content?